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A Constant State Of Cleansing 

An in depth look at the toxins our dogs are exposed to and Phivo’s ‘Constant State of Cleansing’ approach using the power of food. Learn what you can do using ingredients easily found at your local health store.


Director of Augustine Approved

Phivo The Dog Health Guy is the director of Augustine Approved and has a strong interest in natural health and nutrition. Focused on problem solving, Phivo puts all of his knowledge into free recipes, blogs and organic products to help share his approach to supreme canine health.

Phivo is a passionate animal rights advocate and an innovator in the canine health space that loves to demonstrate how food is medicine. Perhaps best recognized as the creator of SuperHeal (and the subsequent Dog vs Lump series of videos), Phivo has helped thousands of dogs reverse health problems and even avoid nasty surgeries all through the power of food.

“There is a time for western medicine but I believe that time should come after ALL nutritional avenues have been exhausted. There’s just so much more that can be done before hitting the drugs and I love showing people healthy possibilities."

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Every year, hundreds of dedicated pet owners tune in live to find out what's WORKING NOW in the canine health world and what they need to know from the world's top holistic vets and experts. The best part is, this event is LIVE and ONLINE and anyone can join. Here's what you can expect to learn at this year's Raw Roundup ...