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LIVE & ONLINE April 5-7, 2019

Whether you're starting ouT or You're a seasoned raw feeder ... raw roundup 2019 is your key to success


  • Raw Roundup is a live, online conference you can attend from your living room!
  • You'll save HUNDREDS of dollars on travel expenses, and still get the same excitement and motivation you would get from an in-person conference. Raw Roundup will be one of the most educational (and FUN) weekends you can invest in.
  • A supportive and inspiring event for pet owners, and pet business owners who all have the same goal in mind : Creating good health with appropriate nutrition for your dog!
  • If you love dogs and you love learning about creating good health with nutrition ... you HAVE to be HERE!

What to Expect

New Experts

Raw Roundup is about meeting new friends and being part of a friendly, knowledgeable community. We want  you to meet some of our new friends too and we have a fresh lineup of new expert speakers with new research and experiences, along with some of your favourite past speakers.

Workshop & New Topics

Of course we're talking all about raw feeding, but we've opened up the doors to everyone this year. Whether you're a new raw feeder, thinking about becoming one, or have been for years, you'll find sessions for beginners all the way to advanced topics with simple step-by-step instructions to get started right away!

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A Bigger & Badder Roundtable

We're setting our roundtable on fire this year! ​Our experts are going to be in one room discussing the topics YOU want in rapid fire rounds! Don't miss it, because at the end, you'll have a chance to ask them your own questions and get an expert answer!

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Online Challenges & Contests

You'll get exclusive access to the Raw Roundup private Facebook group. This year, turn on your notifications so you don't miss out on prizes and live video! The DNM team will be popping in with updates, live challenges to keep you on track and a look at what goes on behind the scenes of these events!

“... The whole experience was really engaging, it was fun and the passion that came across was inspiring. One of the best things that stood out for me was how you made it feel approachable to ask questions of the professionals ...  So thank you.

Fee McAndrews

Why You Need To Be At Raw Roundup 2019 ...

Watch pitch-free sessions from world class vets.

Do you drive miles and pay $$$ just to see a holistic vet? Do you even have one? A Raw Roundup ticket is like a backstage pass to the greatest holistic vet concert ever. Each session is presented by top experts AND you'll have a chance to ask them your burning questions.

24/7 lifetime access to your new best friends.

You'll get full access to our active private Facebook group. Share your own stories and get support from other dog owners just like you. This community will be your go-to resource for years to come and is worth the price of your ticket alone!

You don’t have to leave your couch.

No, no, don’t get up! Raw Roundup is live and online. You can join us from anywhere in the world on any device and you don’t even have to wear pants or brush your hair. Because that's how weekends should be spent!

Your dog's diet will be just plain better

It doesn't matter if you've fed your dog raw for 10 years or you’re making the switch today. This year, we're going to build raw diets from the ground up, based on sound science ... then we'll bring in the experts to show you the latest research on raw diets for health issues and advanced concepts.

You can watch the entire event whenever you want.

We’re recording the entire event from start to finish, so don’t worry about missing that dinner date with the Johnsons. Every Raw Roundup ticket comes with recordings (but it's even better to be there live).

You’ll become the expert.

Raw food is more accessible in pet food stores today, but it doesn’t mean it’s quality food. Uncover every dirty secret in the commercial food industry and find out how to find better meat, bones and organs for your dog. 

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Every year, hundreds of dedicated pet owners tune in live to find out what's WORKING NOW in the canine health world and what they need to know from the world's top holistic vets and experts. The best part is, this event is LIVE and ONLINE and anyone can join. Here's what you can expect to learn at this year's Raw Roundup ...


Here's a look at this years new and returning Raw Roundup speakers. 

Founder & CEO of Dogs Naturally Magazine

Julie Anne Lee Portrait

Julie Anne Lee


Nutrition Science Director at Answers Pet Food


All scheduled sessions are in EST.





Rewind and replay every session from Raw Roundup 2019




Your Ticket To Raw Roundup 2019 Includes ...

  • Full Access Pass to every session (including BONUS sessions)
  • Access to All Event Recordings (just in case you have to miss one)
  • The opportunity to get YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED by our top vets and experts
  • Access to our PRIVATE Facebook group where you can chat with other dog owners just like you, ask questions AND take part in our challenges with a chance to win prizes!
  • And so much more!



EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT weekend of such informative and helpful seminars. There was at least one or more takeaways from each of the ones I attended.


Cynde Leshin


SO much information that I know I'll be listening to the recordings again and again to glean all I possibly can from each session.


Sandy Stokes


The networking and access to these outstanding resources, vets, PhDs, researchers, scientists and Dana Scott of course has given me a new confidence in raw feeding. THANK YOU!


Lyn Kiernan


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